What if I ate too much: remove the effects of the new year feast

A feeling of heaviness in the stomach, nausea, bloating – a common “side effect” of the Christmas holidays. Two days we were diligently celebrated, because it is impossible not to try all the dishes on the festive table, and the drinking of alcoholic beverages is better not to mention… So now it is important to remove the effects of the new year feast and to take it easy, because there is still Christmas and old New year.

How to remove the consequences of overeating

The average new year’s menu is the abundance of protein, fatty food, pickles, smoked meats and sweets. Just all that excessively load our liver, stomach and intestines. If the condition is poor, to help with the digestion of food will help enzyme preparations, which are so actively we are offering television advertising. But remember that firstly, self-medication is dangerous and acceptance of any drug should be under medical supervision. And secondly, do not take enzymes, continuing to lean on heavy food and alcohol in the hope that these “miracle pills” will solve your problem with overeating.

If you are nauseated, started having problems with bowel movement (even, constipation at least diarrhea), etc., to help digestive organs. Do not rush immediately to take antibiotics (they do not take uncontrollably). If you have severe pain, persistent vomiting and/or diarrhea – immediately call “fast”. Refrain from fatty and fried foods, especially from fast carbs contained in sweets, sweet beverages, etc. do Not blame yourself for excessive overeating and not try to cause vomiting.

To reduce the feeling of nausea will help green unsweetened tea. If you have the opportunity and the time – walk slowly 30 minutes walk during the day, try to move more. Excrete toxins and help the intestines available adsorbents – activated carbon (based on 1 tablet per 1 kg of your weight) or more modern drugs. Improves bowel and anti-inflammatory flax seed decoction: 1 teaspoon per Cup (200 ml) of boiling water, insist 15 minutes, take on an empty stomach.

What to do if you have drunk alcoholic beverages

If you had too much alcohol and have the opportunity to stay at home – stay and good night’s sleep. To remove alcohol intoxication will help the same adsorbents or pharmacy hangover cure. It is important to prevent dehydration – this will help special drugs and also excessive drinking. But not tea or coffee, and clean water (mineral without gas, the gas bubbles can increase bloating), decoction of chamomile, rose, etc. If you have an appetite, to improve the condition and “start” the stomach will help low-fat chicken broth. Well relieve nausea citrus, oranges or grapefruits. It is better to take than packaged juice, make fresh juice yourself, or eating a whole orange.

How to eat to restore the digestive organs

If you feel better, it does not mean that we can again set records on the absorption of junk food. Begin morning with a glass of water with lemon (on an empty stomach), after 20-25 minutes, always eat Breakfast. The dish can be protein, but not fat, to improve the bowels can help a salad of fresh vegetables with lemon juice or olive oil. Also helps good motility of the intestines prunes and dried apricots – enough to eat 3-6 pieces per day. Try to eat fractional portions: it is better to eat 5-6 small meals a day than 2-3 times a day in large portions.

The same – with regard to dishes for the holiday table: try a little bit of each dish and try to avoid salads with mayonnaise, fried meat, salty foods, etc. Drink plenty of clean water if you have edema (up to 7-8 glasses per day) helps to clear the body green tea. Do not cram right before bedtime: after the last meal should take at least 2 hours. As well as move more: walk, often get up from the holiday table, if feeling good, go back to training, but without much zeal.