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What is dangerous to the health of air conditioning-cools without problems

To save from the heat, and also to improve the quality of air to help the air conditioning. With them you can easily survive the summer, and people with allergies and asthma air conditioners help to reduce the number of attacks of the disease. But if you do not observe the care and conditioning equipment is used incorrectly, the harm from it more than good.

Why air conditioning may become a source of infection

Together with the air in the room fall into a variety of bacteria, which can easily penetrate into the body of the unit, settling there. Hazardous to health to be the air conditioners, operating on the principle of circulating air supply. In other words, chasing the air in a circle, and with it, bacteria and viruses, especially increased risk of catching infections in the office or a public place where there are sick people.

If the air conditioner is not regularly cleaned, the air filters become clogged and cease to perform their functions. Caught in the air bacteria, dust, fungi spores, pollen, etc. is distributed throughout the room, causing an allergic reaction, cough, runny nose, sore throat, etc.

Cold, dry skin and other “charms” from the air conditioner

Contracting colds or even pneumonia in the heat easier if the room air temperature +18-20 to go outside, where more than 30 degrees. If during the day you are often forced to endure sharp temperature changes, often leaving the room where the air conditioning is on the street and back, then the risk of inflammatory diseases of respiratory organs increases. In addition to colds, sore throat, cough and runny nose can “earn” a cystitis or kidney problems.

Air conditioners dry the air, and the mucous membranes of the nose, the poet so often under the influence of coolers man catches cold. Dry air also affects the skin, causing excessive dryness, sensitivity and irritation. Another important point is to prevent leakage of freon from the air conditioner. Emerging, freon displaces air and produces toxins that cause suffocation and drowsiness.

How to avoid the negative impact of air conditioning on health

To reduce the possible harm from the air conditioner, the experts advise to not place it in the living room and in the hallway. It is also important to correctly configure the thermostat: it is recommended to choose a temperature above the optimum, and then gradually lower to a comfortable human level. When buying an air conditioner, pay attention to its characteristics: clean removable air much easier than a large air conditioning system. Modern air conditioners have a system of air humidification, noise suppression, etc.

Installing air conditioning in the home and office, it is important to ensure that professionals can access them easily for cleaning. Bacteria love to accumulate not only in the filters and the cooling coils, the drip pan. According to the standard, the period of acceptable operation without cleaning the filters – one month: experts recommend periodically to look inside the unit and visually inspect the condition of filters. Complete cleaning of air conditioning is best left to professionals: this should be done 1-2 times a year, better directly before the beginning of the long-term operation of equipment.