What is the danger of edema of the larynx: causes and consequences

Laryngeal edema may develop on the background of various diseases. It is not a disease but a symptom of a pathological condition in the body that can be life-threatening. Laryngeal edema may be complicated by asthma that cause life-threatening and requires immediate hospitalization. Causes that lead to swelling of the larynx can occur in people of different gender and age. Therefore, this status and the factors affecting its occurrence, it is useful to know everyone.

What happens when edema of the larynx and how dangerous it is

Edema of the larynx in this region develops a pathological process that leads to narrowing of the lumen. The nature of the swelling can be inflammatory and non inflammatory: a person feels pain in the throat, foreign body sensation, there is hoarseness, noisy breathing, against which often develop dyspnea and the person can suffocate.

To help a person in this condition is just a healthcare professional: if you have developed acute asphyxia (suffocation), to save a life can only tracheotomy – cut the trachea and the introduction to the opening of special medical tube for air entry. To avoid this condition, it is important to know the causes that lead to swelling of the larynx.

Causes of laryngeal edema

To inflammatory edema of the larynx cause purulent tonsillitis and laryngitis, abscesses and other pus accumulation at the root of the tongue, in the area of the cervical spine, pharynx, oral cavity, trauma of the larynx and throat. To the development of edema in the larynx can also cause not only acute infectious, and chronic diseases: kidney disease, heart and blood vessels, liver, the blood circulation in the area of the larynx.

Also to swelling of the larynx can cause a variety of allergic reactions to food, medicines, etc. among them the Most dangerous is angioedema, which is swelling not only the larynx, but also the face with the neck. In young children, laryngeal edema can cause hot meal or getting to a foreign object.

What to do when laryngeal edema and how to avoid it

To treat edema of the larynx independently at home is unacceptable: this pathology is life-threatening, especially if we are talking about the baby. If you have recently been ill with a respiratory infection, you have chronic disease or Allergy and suddenly there was a cough, sore throat, kripsy voice became difficult breath, and then exhale, you should consult an otolaryngologist (Laura). With the rapid swelling and increasing dyspnea urgently called the ambulance and performed a tracheostomy. Treatment of laryngeal edema is strictly under the supervision of a physician.

Depending on the cause of the swelling, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate medication. Apart from therapies aimed at rehabilitation of respiratory function, is a parallel treatment of the disease that caused swelling. When laryngeal edema is assigned diet, liquid plant foods, you should exclude spices and seasonings. Which can irritate the throat. Also the temperature of the food and drink should be at room. Drink on doctor may be limited, as it is impossible to overtax the vocal cords.

To avoid laryngeal edema, it is important to strengthen the body’s defenses, so less likely to get sick with colds. If you get sick and then try immediately to treat the disease and not to run it. Chronic disease should be kept under control, preventing their exacerbation. If you have allergies or are prone to allergic reactions, always carry antihistamines and avoid contact with allergens. Watch out for young children, their nutrition and do not leave unattended.