What is the danger of measles and how to protect yourself?

In connection with the measles outbreak need to know what is this disease and how to avoid it. Informed – is forearmed.

What is the feature of measles?

Measles is a disease of acute viral nature. The main insidious disease is very fast spreading through airborne droplets. It is very contagious. If the person has never been vaccinated and has no immunity due to the disease, with a 99% probability that he will pick up the infection through contact with suffering from measles.

Another insidious aspect of a virus is for prevention not effective prevention. The only effective way not to get sick is twice received vaccination.

The disease runs hard, but her main danger of complications. Measles can cause inflammation of the middle ear, lungs, measles croup, bronchitis, and rarely inflammation of the brain (encephalitis). Some complications are fatal.

How to recognize measles?

To identify the disease is quite difficult. The incubation period ranges from 6 to 21 days. After that, symptoms. Appear fever, cough, runny nose. This is often accompanied by General fatigue, sleep disturbance and mood changes. The symptoms are very similar to normal colds, so patients are not in a hurry to go to the doctor and are treated at home.

After 4-5 days the rash appears. First it covers the face and head, gradually appearing throughout the body. And only then the patients begin to understand that this is not a simple cold. But this time, they have time to infect a lot of people in their environment who do not have acquired immunity.

The cyclical nature of the disease and its causes

Doctors say measles outbreak was predicted. And they have repeatedly stated that all children, it is critically important to get vaccinated. And adults to ask about their childhood and find out whether they received the vaccine.

Such outbreaks occur once in 5-6 years. They are preceded by a General reduction in the number of vaccinations. As soon as at least 97% of children a year are vaccinated, outbreaks. Doctors warn about this, but parents or irresponsible attitude to their duties, or believe the disinformation that it may harm the baby’s health.

How to protect yourself?

The only way to feel safe during the outbreak, timely vaccination. For reliable result it’s children twice. First time at the age of one year, the second in 6 years. If for any reason it is not done, an adult is required to be vaccinated twice. Between treatments should undergo at least a month.

100% guarantee that the person is not infected, is not given. But the percentage of vaccinated patients with measles is very low. The disease in this case, it is much easier and faster.

No means of prevention of measles does not exist.

Doctors strongly suggest to use modern medical advances, including vaccines. They have proven results and saved millions of lives.