What to eat during radiation therapy?

To reduce the negative impact of radiation therapy need with proper nutrition to give your body only healthy foods. Change the diet before the start of therapy, stick to it during and after a course of rays.

General principles of nutrition during radiation therapy.

The diet should be based on these ambush:

  • The diet should be composed of foods that are rich in vitamins, beams, macro – and microelements, polyunsaturated fats;
  • Be sure to use of products, which includes pectin. It reduces the amount of radionuclides and promotes their excretion from the body;
  • Obligatory fluid intake (an adult weighing 70 kg should consume 2-2,8 liters per day);
  • You need to reduce the availability of food, which in the composition are lactose, saturated fats, yeast dough, sugar. If radiotherapy is carried out on the digestive system, it is necessary to minimize the consumption of dietary fiber (cellulose).
  • Not to eat meals cooked by Smoking and frying and spicy dishes and products. As well as carbonated, caffeinated beverages and confectionery fat.
  • The dishes should be boiled, steamed or braised.

What foods to eat?

Fill your diet with these products:

  • Fish, preferably sea;
  • Meat better than white and offal;
  • Eggs, quail and chicken;
  • Fresh herbs from the garden;
  • Vegetables, fresh;
  • Fruits;
  • Berries, fresh and frozen;
  • Dairy products, especially cheese;
  • Dried fruits;
  • Spices, but not all. Useful mild curry, cumin, marjoram;
  • Nuts and seeds;
  • Bread, only unleavened varieties;
  • Vegetable oil. For cooking use olive oil. The wheat germ oil, hemp, flax 1 teaspoon before meals;
  • Baked in the oven Apple and pumpkin, and honey;
  • Drinks: mineral water, compote from dried fruits, green tea, teas with stevia and hips.

Nutrition recommendations, depending on the place of irradiation

If radiotherapy is focused on the esophagus, you need to provide extra care. The food more easily, you can include in the diet of dog rose and sea buckthorn oil. You also need to increase the amount of foods rich in vitamins A and E.

If the irradiation is amenable to the abdominal organs, the appetite worsens. You need to adhere to a diet that has no dairy products. It is recommended to consume meals in pyureobraznom. The amount of sugar it is better to reduce.

For patients who receive radiation therapy to the pelvic organs, also has recommendations. Not to cause irritation of the urinary tract, should be excluded from use radish, garlic, onion, sorrel, strong broth and alcoholic beverages. Especially useful to eat melons and watermelons.

Patients who receive irradiation of the rectum, is recommended diet, sparing the intestines. You need to eat milk, sour cream, jellies, jellies, fruit juices and boiled meat and fish.

Proper nutrition is not just a part of our everyday life. It largely affects the health, especially when organs or tissues are exposed to diseases.