What’s the secret to healthy and shiny locks: prepare hair for the summer

Ahead of Sunny summer days and trips to the sea, which can become your hair a serious challenge. The hair under the action of sunlight and sea water to lose its luster, fade, break off, difficult to put in the hair. The hair remained healthy and beautiful, take care of them to be now.

What vitamins and minerals are important for healthy hair

To make your hair healthy and shiny, one of proper care of them is not enough. It is important that your body receives enough vitamins and minerals, because any change in the body can affect the condition of the hair. Unbalanced diet, bad habits, stress – all this negatively affects the condition of the hair. It is important that your diet are foods rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, protein, vitamin A, zinc, iron and copper – these elements are important for hair. Vitamin E helps the scalp not to dry out, vitamin C in combination with proteins stimulates collagen production, whereby the hair gets elasticity.

Vitamin a – it is “food” for the roots of the hair, it saturates the hair follicle with oxygen. So do not forget to regularly eat green vegetables, citrus, berries, cabbage, lean meat and fish, carrots, eggs, sea buckthorn oil. Meat and seafood will provide your body with zinc as a building material for hair. Red meat and dark leafy vegetables contain iron, which provides the blood supply to the hair and oxygen enrichment, and liver and nuts to replenish stocks of copper in the body. Copper affects the pigmentation of the hair and the color.
Don’t forget to drink clean water because water gives the hair flexibility. In the absence of swelling in a day you need to drink 8 cups (200 grams – one Cup) of pure non-carbonated water.

How to protect hair from sun exposure

In hot weather the hair and scalp suffer from drying out and burning in places of parting, the core of hair can also dry out after swimming in the sea and frequent drying of hair. The hair is less deteriorated under the influence of solar ultraviolet radiation, should:

  • wear hats, hats, scarves, etc.
  • use of sunscreen sprays for hair before sun exposure ( 20 minutes) and after bathing
  • do not forget to do a moisturizing hair mask at least 2 times a week
  • in spring and summer, try not to use tongs and irons, and use a Hairdryer to minimize.
  • Before swimming in sea water useful to moisten the hair with an ordinary fresh water.

How to strengthen hair at home

When shopping for hair care use shampoos and conditioners that contain keratin, panthenol, coconut and palm oil. These substances will help to restore the structure of damaged hair and detangle. Nourishing hair masks you can prepare yourself and use at home:

  • 1 tablespoon yeast take 1 egg white, yeast, pour warm boiled water to form a slurry, and add a whipped protein. The mixture is rubbed into the scalp, then should wait until it is completely dry and rinse
  • 1 teaspoon of salt dissolve in 1 liter of milk. In the resulting solution wetted before it washed hair. The mixture is washed off after 10 minutes, the hair is then useful to rinse herbal decoction. To prepare the broth suitable lavender, chamomile (flowers), calendula, lemon balm, rosemary, vervain.