When continual a sore throat: what you need to know about chronic pharyngitis?

Chronic pharyngitis is a very common disease that can significantly spoil the quality of human life. We are talking about inflammation of the pharynx and the tissues around it, which are regularly repeated. As a result, the patient have a sore throat almost all the time. Why is this happening and how can I help this problem?

Causes and symptoms of chronic pharyngitis

Chronic pharyngitis can evolve over time through frequent acute pharyngitis or other respiratory. Also this problem is quite common among teachers and other professions that require constant use of the voice. When the mucous the throat dry, the likelihood of developing chronic pharyngitis is higher. Adverse factors that affect the appearance of the disease is the violation of nasal breathing, sinusitis, otitis, and the like.

Common reasons for the emergence of chronic pharyngitis include the following:

  • a tendency to disease of the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract;
  • the metabolic disorders;
  • the constant use of the vocal cords in their professional activities;
  • work in hazardous work, which involves the inhalation of the vapors of different substances;
  • alcohol abuse and Smoking (and alcohol and tobacco desiccate the mucous membranes of the throat).

How to recognize chronic pharyngitis? Its main manifestations include:

  • constant pain, sore throat;
  • a feeling of stuffiness in the upper part of the throat;
  • dry mouth;
  • redness of the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract;
  • a slight increase in body temperature, which does not always happen.

Prevention of chronic pharyngitis

This disease is so common that people used lightly to their health, especially for ailments in the early stages of development. The vast majority of pharyngitis we move up. Because the body temperature is normal, General health is often also normal, so why go to the hospital because of a sore throat? Over time do symptoms disappear, but often this is not a good sign, because it just becomes chronic. The result is a periodic, fairly frequent exacerbation of pharyngitis.

What to do to prevent the development of chronic pharyngitis? To do this:

  • Constantly moisturize the mucous membranes, especially during the heating season. To do this, gargle (even plain water), drink more fluids, to think about buying special svilojevo air. After all, nothing that does not dry the air as heating.
  • Drink that lubricates the throat, for example, warm milk with honey, raspberry tea, and the like.
  • To quit Smoking or at least reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked during the day.
  • Do not abuse alcohol, because it dries the mucous membranes.
  • Do not eat foods that irritate the throat. But you should add in your diet foods that smeared his: eggs, liver, milk, butter.
  • If the throat is still sore, you should not self-medicate. The best time to contact the doctor to set the diagnosis and prescribe adequate treatment. After all, a sore throat, not only in the pharyngitis, but when tonsillitis, laryngitis and the like. Therefore, the correct and effective treatment can be determined only specialist.

    Chronic pharyngitis is a problem for many, however, to overcome her very real. To do this, you should strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations at least once to bring the therapy to the end, and also to avoid further drying out of the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract. Make your life better, get rid of this pesky sore throat.

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