When the specialist can refuse: skin diseases and not only

Cosmetic procedures depend on the time of year, skin type and your state of health. Yes, most of the procedures performed by the cosmetologist, have contraindications. For example, during pregnancy or breast-feeding, infectious diseases, etc. the majority of cosmetic procedures can not be done. Not everyone, for example, you can do skin peeling: it can prevent as allergies to some components and a number of other nuances. And for some skin diseases beautician may even refuse the patient and will be right. Since these issues must first engage in a dermatologist.

Infectious diseases of the skin

A professional beautician knows the symptoms of skin diseases, so he refuse a client with a fungal infection, herpes infection, herpes zoster or blisters, warts, and other contagious skin diseases. In this case, the patient will be sent to the dermatologist. Here everything is clear: cosmetologist at risk for infection itself or exacerbate the patient’s condition, if they start to make-up for him. “Harmless” warts are caused by different viruses (papillomatosis) and can be transmitted to a healthy person through direct contact or when using household items – towels, nail file, etc.

In the presence of a fungal infection on the nails or skin of the hands and feet of the patient also denied in manicure and pedicure. So if you suspect a fungus – spots on the nails of their thickening, increased brittleness, etc. should immediately go to the dermatologist to cure the problem than mask it with selcom or gel nails.

Non-communicable diseases, for which procedures are contraindicated

Also, the reason for the refusal of the cosmetic procedures can be a disease of non-infectious nature, dermatitis, psoriasis, moles, etc, for dermatitis skin is inflamed due to exposure to allergen or other damaging factor. And untreated dermatitis may lead to development of skin eczema.

Psoriasis and moles in places that are easily injured during procedures either directly traumatic skin treatments (peels, etc.) under such conditions is not carried out. Treatment of psoriasis must deal with the dermatologist. If mole located in travmiruyushchey often, then perhaps it is better to remove after the consultation with an expert.

What you need to know before a visit to the beautician

If you are going to the beautician or massage therapist (even massage of the face), it is important to know under what conditions the procedure is contraindicated. A professional specialist will ask you their illnesses, existing chronic illnesses, etc., procedures with ultrasound, massage, not to do with colds, even if you are slightly sick and no fever.

Colds and complication sinusitis need to recover and only then go to the beautician. Women during menstruation is also not recommended for beauty treatments and massages. Do not hide from the beautician, if you have broken the skin – there are injuries, abscesses, also need to talk about the available implants. If there was a traumatic brain injury, concussion, 3-4 years this procedure is contraindicated with the use of microcurrents.