Where are the wrinkles: 5 reasons

Certainly, every woman has repeatedly asked the question, where are the wrinkles. Experts told about the harmful habits, which lead to the formation of wrinkles. So, what are we ancient?

Fast food

This food is high unhealthy fats that cause clogging of blood capillaries and blood vessels that nourish the skin.


Abuse sun Solarium or violates the integrity of skin cells. Besides, the sun desiccate the skin, causing the appearance of wrinkles.



Sugar has the property to connect with the molecules of collagen, which is responsible for skin elasticity. In the end, the elasticity of the epidermis is disrupted, and wrinkles. Studies have shown that almost 40% of all symptoms of aging are due to excess consumption of sweets.


Scientists conducted an experiment among twins, one of whom smoked cigarettes and the other does not. The result was that fans of cigarettes look somewhere seven years older than their non-Smoking relatives. There’s a simple explanation: nicotine disrupts the nutrition of skin cells and the absorption of vitamin C – the main antioxidant. The result is puffiness and fine lines.

Bad glasses

All the time squinting, trying to see something far away? Quite natural if you thus began to appear crow’s feet around the eyes. Pick other points, to preserve youth and beauty.

Give up these bad habits and you will see a noticeable improvement in the condition of your skin.
Prevent formation of wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and prevent premature wilting of various herbal remedies, such as Malavit cream gel, Vitaderm and others.


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