Healthy lifestyle

Who is the best friends of the immune system: food, activity and procedures

The decrease in the protective forces of the body makes us less resistant to viruses and bacteria. To avoid diseases, especially important winter flu and SARS will help strengthen the immune system. Vaccination and medication, which enhances the protective forces of the body are important and necessary. But how your body is able to resist diseases physical and psychological, also depends on nutrition, lifestyle, physical activity and the organization of sleep and rest.

The basis for proper winter food

In the winter, when seasonal fruits and vegetables already podzaderzhalisj and have lost their value, come to the aid of canned and pickled products, citrus fruits, sea fish and seafood. And vitamin complexes, and phytonutrients. In winter exotic fruits or greenhouse vegetables and fruits also should be included in the diet. As one carrots, onions, beets far “not leaving.” Greenhouse wax yield and seasonal soil content of nutrients, but they contain fiber, which is essential for elimination of toxins and proper functioning of the intestines.

Green onion or parsley can be grown in a mini garden on the windowsill. And sauerkraut – a real storehouse of vitamins! Most useful affordable exotics pomegranate, oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, kiwi, avocado. Also, try to include in the diet cranberry – this berry and the immune system will strengthen. And replenish vitamins in the body. But the sweets and sugar reduces the body’s defenses. Also nutritionists advise in the winter to diet: better eat less starchy foods, sweet and fatty. And go easy on the protein the right food – roast beef, poultry, fish, eggs, low-fat dairy products.

Just sleep and rest is not enough.

Of course, the lack of sleep and lack of proper rest undermine the immune system. But it is important not only the quantity but also the quality of sleep. If you sleep on an uncomfortable mattress in a hot stuffy room even 10 hours, tossing and turning and waking you guys up. A place to sleep should be comfortable. The room is cool and not dusty. Relax, restart the body and strengthen its protective properties help massage, sauna, etc.

After a massage or in the sauna, drink alcohol, and pure mineral water, teas – not only the “classic” green, great natural immunocorrector are sea buckthorn, ginger, cranberry. And unwind and teas of chamomile, mint, lemon balm.

Physical activity is a must!

Sedentary lifestyle – the scourge of modern man. After spending all day in the office, a man rushes home to rather lie down in front of the TV. And earned from sitting in uncomfortable chairs for back pain, low back pain, venous stasis, etc. will only get worse. No strength to go to the gym, yoga Studio or on an evening jog? First, consider why: overwhelmed with work, not enough sleep, forget to eat Breakfast and generally irrational eat, smoke a lot, etc…

Then it is necessary to work on these problems. Second, to be physically active, do not have to press weights, push rod and the splits. Walking on foot can work wonders: to climb the stairs or walk to the bus stop more, and does not pass, will not bring the material waste, but will help your body become healthier.