Why hair falls out: from normal to pathology

Man loses daily about 100 hairs. If the hair starts to fall more and more, it can be a symptom of any pathology. Often hair loss is accompanied by a hormonal imbalance. Not only heredity, but also a variety of external factors can lead to increased hair loss or baldness (alopecia).

The most common causes of hair loss

Often, the hair begins to fall hard because of disorders of thyroid, stress, fungal infections of the scalp. In men hair loss is due to a violation action of male sex hormones. If the hair began to fall heavily and on the scalp are formed whole pockets of baldness, some hair masks and vitamin complexes can not do – you need to go to a specialist (dermatologist, trichologist) and look for the cause of the problem.

But in many cases increased hair loss is just a result of improper care, dehydration, insufficient consumption of vitamins and improper diet, bad habits. For example, often the hair loss triggers poor blood supply to the scalp. Dull, frequent brittle hair happen in people with cardiovascular disease, osteochondrosis, etc. Contribute to poor blood flow to the frequent use of Bobby pins and hair elastics, and excessive coffee and tea. Caffeine affects small vessels, narrowing them, thereby worsening the power of hair.

Negatively on the hair is exposed to sudden temperature changes: often, the hair begins to fall out in winter and summer. For example, if you used to walk in the heat without a hat and protect hair with special products, and the house always dry hair with a Hairdryer, hot irons and dub are often painted, in this case, increased hair loss is quite natural. Women have even more hair loss can deficiency of iron: so in the period of menstruation or observe strict diets often begin to lose hair.

How to strengthen hair at home

Strengthen hair at home. Cosmetologists recommend applying a nourishing mask on hair for half an hour before washing the head. It is important to choose the means to care for your hair according to your hair type, to take account of possible allergic effects and apply on hair gently massaging the hair roots.

To strengthen dry hair helps mask out of black bread, apples, parsley, almonds. For example, a bunch of parsley should be washed, chopped, the resulting slurry mix with a table spoon of castor oil. Wait 5-10 minutes until the mask is infused and applied to the hair roots and scalp.
For dry hair suitable mask of burdock, coconut oil, egg yolks, yogurt. The principle is the same: 1 tbsp oil + 1 egg yolk. Mix everything and apply on hair. Important – the mask is not supposed to be cold.

Massage, physical therapy and vitamins are necessary not only for body and hair

The hair also need vitamins, so eat nutritious for hair growth products: oily fish, poultry, eggs, green vegetables, nuts, dairy products. Modern farm market offers a lot of effective for hair of plant complexes and vitamins.

A great way to improve the condition of hair and skin is darsonvalization: is a physiotherapy procedure in which using a special apparatus on the skin or mucous membranes affected by electroimpulse. You can buy a portable d’arsonval apparatus and strengthen hair yourself at home. Also effective for improving the condition of the hair massage scalp is the procedure on dry hair and it is better to entrust it to a specialist.