Why it’s not fashionable to make a big chest: expert opinion

Today, plastic surgery has become an integral part of our lives. We hear from all sides who what part of the body itself increased, or changed. From the screens we look at Busty and thick-lipped fashionista. Behind the modern men who do facelift, liposuction…

The editors of the medical portal Healthy-info talked with a plastic surgeon specialized clinic “Good forecast”Sergei, Kilo and find out what plastic surgery is most popular in Ukraine, some complications need to be afraid when they are carrying out, and what the Breasts and buttocks want to get modern the patient.

Sergey, what problems do you turn to most often: patients want to get rid of any defects or we are talking about removing the age-related changes (wrinkles, etc.)?

– In our country the most popular operation is to change the shape of the nose, increase or breast lift. The following is a correction of the eyelids, the rejuvenation of the face, liposuction, a change in other parts of the body: thigh lift and buttocks augmentation, buttock augmentation, etc.

And there is a separate article is reconstructive plastic surgery, when people come with either congenital or acquired defects. Here are the most popular surgery – removing scars after injury.

How effective is surgery in this case?

The result will look more aesthetically pleasing than it was before. Sometimes it is possible to achieve such a result, when it will not be visible, as it was before. But it is not always possible.

What could be risks or complications in plastic surgery?

– I say to all patients who want to do the surgery, the main risk is death. Because any surgical procedure there is a risk of death on the operating table. According to statistics, he is 1 case per 1000 operations. And there can be a variety of causes: a reaction to the anesthesia or medicines, some unidentified defects in the health of the patient, etc.

Other possible complications, as with any other surgical operations, abscesses, bruises, seroma etc.

What are the contraindications for the plastic surgery?

Is heart diseases transferred earlier heart attacks, strokes – they all lead to complications that just cannot be performed, the anesthesia and surgical intervention.

Can you tell us about a memorable or funny when your surgery helped the patient?

– Last summer I received a patient from the Luhansk region, who lived in a war zone. On him at night for the purpose of robbery was attacked, during which he bit off the nose. I had surgery in which the nose of the victim was recovered. So, the patient was very pleased.

You ask for 5 or 7 chest size?

– No, today is not popular to do very large Breasts, and buttocks. The fact that is now generally changed Outlook and attitude towards criteria of beauty. If earlier it was fashionable to make a big chest, then today women seek natural. Now patients want their Breasts looked natural and in harmony with all other parts of the body.