Why so dry skin: especially spring care

After a long winter the face skin looks tired. Also, many worried about excessive dryness and peeling of the skin of the face and hands, and especially legs from the knee to the ankle. Regardless of the age and type of skin, it needs constant care, especially in the offseason.

Still cold: emphasis on invasive procedures
The structure of the skin and its protective film over the winter and so are destroyed. And we compounded the problem exfoliating scrubs, hot water and aggressive gels and Soaps. Also to excessive dryness of the skin causes a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, an unbalanced diet and lack of fluid in the body. Have no severe frosts but the weather is not fully recovered, cosmetologists recommend to use gentle gels, the procedure of peeling scrubs to hold no more than 1 time in 2 weeks and increase your fluid intake (in the absence of edema, heart and kidney).

Excessive dryness of the skin will help to reduce the procedure of oiling: it can do as masseur, beautician, and you yourself after taking a shower or bath. Special cosmetic oils – coconut, grape seed oil, sesame, etc. are now available in pharmacies and supermarkets. With oily skin to reduce the risk of inflammatory processes will help products that contain calendula, yarrow or decoctions on the basis of these herbs.

Tired skin – massage, natural juices and vitamins

As already mentioned, to replenish the lack of fluid in the body use for skin you with clean drinking water, green tea and fresh juices. If the air in a residential area is excessively dry, you should think about purchasing a humidifier and more frequent wet cleaning. To refresh the skin vitamins A, C and E: choose care products with these vitamins. And also include in the diet more fish, greens, liver and vegetable oils. Toning and “cheer up” the skin will help massage from light Pat on the face while applying the cream to a professional massage of the face and body.

Better to take the time and money and consult a specialist, because only a professional knows how to disperse the lymph which movements tone the skin and smooth wrinkles, and some the opposite – it can hurt. At home it is best to arm day and night toning tools: especially good for in the plan skin grapefruit and pine needles. You can also narrow pores, improve skin elasticity and remove swelling under the eyes by using ice to freeze can be as clean drinking water, and decoctions of herbs. However, wipe the face with ice to gently and briefly, for a few seconds. As with rosacea, acne, inflammation on the skin, etc. such a procedure can not be done.

Charging for face: how to maintain muscle elasticity

In addition to a balanced diet, care for the skin, it is important to train the muscles of the face. This will help to fight the appearance of double chin (of course it is also important not to overeat and not gain weight), -deformation of the other facial muscles and wrinkles. After awakening to start with a small charge: to stretch the neck and shoulders, trying to look on the toes, stretching out his neck and tilting his head.

Also when applying the cream you can do a light patting motion on the chin, lips pulled forward, uttering the sound “u” or mimicking a kiss. Now popular so-called face-art and yoga for the face. But to do such procedures, watching videos on the Internet, still dangerous: you can overdo it and pererastayut muscles. Even better time to enjoy a massage, facial or yoga, to remember, how does the specialist and then to exercise on their own.