Why the child ceased to grow: the disease or individual characteristics?

It happens that up to a certain age the baby is growing absolutely fine, but then the process abruptly stops or continues very slowly. What is the cause of the phenomenon, what can be done to help the problem? Whether it is an innate feature of an organism, or a disease that is treatable?

What is dwarfism?

Dwarfism is abnormally low growth caused by certain endocrine and other diseases. In Greek nanos means dwarf. This word refers to a human male, which is below 140 cm and female, which is below 130 cm

Growth is one of the most important indicators of the health and development of the child. No wonder baby’s first year of life weighed and measured every month to make sure he is developing normally. And important and significant is not only the first year of life. If in 2-3 years a child’s growth much less the growth of its peers, should go to the doctor and start looking for the causes of this phenomenon. In this case refer to the pediatrician and the endocrinologist, because the cause of the dwarfism may be a problem with the endocrine system of the baby. It should be noted that pronounced retardation of growth is only around 3% of children.

Possible causes of stunting

Delay growth cause various diseases:

  • problems with the production of growth hormone (growth hormone);
  • incorrect operation of the endocrine glands;
  • some diseases of the bones;
  • prolonged oxygen deprivation;
  • severe chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • genetic abnormalities;
  • mental disorders;
  • genetic predisposition.

Is the so-called psychological dwarfism, which occurs in children from disadvantaged families. After isolation of the child from an adverse morale, the level of hormones comes up, and the child is growing again.

Quite often stunting is a family feature, then you should analyze the growth of parents and next of kin of the child. If at least one low, short stature is easily explained.

Still, there are genes that cause dwarfism when synthesis is impaired growth hormone.

Treated whether dwarfism?

The most pronounced growth retardation usually observed in the deficiency of somatotropic hormone (growth hormone) in the body. After scientists found, to treat dwarfism, it has become possible subject to the timely treatment of the child’s parents for medical help.

Dwarfism, which is regulated by growth hormone, we have to discover the baby as early as possible to have the time of her successful cure. For example, if you refer to an endocrinologist at age 15, it might be too late for effective treatment. Usually hormonal therapy is prolonged, is to 20-23 years of age, up to the point stop physiological process of human growth.

It happens that man is not a dwarf, but by nature tend to have quite low growth. Rise above she can also help the hormones. In this case they should take so long, and 1-2 years to achieve a lasting effect.

Interestingly, the younger the organism, the more intensively it needs to grow if everything is correct. For example, during fetal development the embryo is at first increased by 1 cm per day, and before the birth – only 1.5 mm per day. The growth of the adult person in 3-3,5 times the length of her body at birth.