Why the fall, the skin dries and flakes: the secrets of proper care

With the arrival of colder days, many began to be troubled by dry skin not only the face but hands, feet, body. It would seem, scorching sun, the heat and the period of conditioning behind why the skin is not enough? Autumn and winter to excessive dryness of the skin can cause a number of external and internal factors: from the too hot shower and dry air in the room to malnutrition.

The main causes of dry skin in autumn and winter

External factors, which in the cold season can cause dry skin of the face and hands, is clear: temperature changes, wind, frost, cold air. If you have naturally dry skin type, even the slightest weather changes are immediately reflected on it. Forget to wear gloves and hide from the cold, hands in pockets, as your skin immediately responds with redness and feeling of tightness. In autumn and winter, in addition to natural factors on the condition of the skin is influenced by the dryness of the air, the passion of a hot shower or bath.

Imagine people coming home from the open air where the temperature is about 0 or below 0 °C in an apartment, where they work, radiators and air temperature is +20-25°C. after peremerzaniya on the street want to bask under a hot shower: but besides the negative impact on the skin to high temperatures, the water in the water system pretty hard, with components of chlorine, which further dries the skin. And if we lather alkaline soap or wipe the skin with alcohol lotions, the stress will be double.

For healthy skin in cold important vitamins, hydration and nutrition

In addition to external factors, the skin condition is influenced by bad habits, especially Smoking, deficiency of vitamins A, E and b group, inadequate fluid intake, improper skin care, especially frequent peels. With age, the skin itself becomes dry, especially in women. Dermatologists say their patients from 45 years and older often complain of increased skin dryness. This is due to the slowdown of the sebaceous glands and production of sebum, hormonal changes (especially during menopause).

Affects the skin condition and professional activities: frequent stress, work in the hot shop, etc. cause a number of changes in the skin. If a person has a “full set” of factors: cold season + stress + poor nutrition + Smoking and alcohol consumption, the skin can not only to dry, to peel, but can become inflamed and itchy.

How to avoid excessive dryness of the skin: tips dermatologists

To help your skin in the cold season, the dermatologists advise:

  • to use the funds to care for your skin type. The cream should be applied on the face and hands for 40 minutes before a cold or frost, it is also important to moisturize your body after taking a shower. For excessively dry and sensitive skin do not use products with tuchkami and lanolin, it is better to use natural oil like coconut, sesame, etc.
  • do not wash with hot water (above 30°C), do not forget to protect the skin gloves, wearing scarves and hoods to reduce the effect of wind and cold air. Strive not with cleansing, peelings and scrubs
  • Pick up along with beautician suitable means for skin care. To restore the condition of the skin and to remove excessive dryness help tools with collagen and elastin. Also, don’t forget to eat rationally, to take vitamins or herbal remedies to avoid deficiency of vitamins in the body.

If you comply with these rules, but the skin is still dry and flaking, you should see a dermatologist. There might be a problem excessive dryness of the skin in some chronic disease, hormonal failure, etc.