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Why the low level of even one hormone is a threat to conception?


Hormones occupy so important a place in our lives that everyone once heard about them. Direct influence they have on the ability to conceive a child.

Therefore, the failure in their work can significantly affect the occurrence or absence of pregnancy.

In some cases, necessary to analyze the hormonal levels during pregnancy?

In some cases, doctors prescribe tests for hormones. The result helps to make the overall clinical picture. In cases of health problems, determine the method of treatment. The most frequent prerequisites for the purpose of analyses on hormones:

  • The woman’s age exceeds 35 years. It is natural, so does our body: the older a woman is, the less chance she has of getting pregnant. With age the ovaries are working less intensively. One solution in such cases is the level of progesterone is raised artificially.
  • No conception more than a year. Such a term is considered in medical practice critical. Causes of male and female infertility are the different factors, and often malfunctions of hormones.
  • The presence of the following symptoms in women – increased level of hair growth, in men – obesity acne.
  • The constant failures of the menstrual cycle. This applies both too frequent (more than once every 20 days), and too rare (once in 35 days). Abundant, or too scanty discharge, as well as beyond the normal duration of menstruation.
  • Early pregnancy, which was unsuccessful.

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Hormones needed for conception

All fertility hormones is in the body of every woman. The problem lies in two aspects: its quantity and ratio. The following important hormones:

  • Prolactin;
  • Progesterone;
  • Testosterone;
  • FLG (follicle stimulating hormone);
  • Estradiol;
  • LH (luteinizing hormone).

Without prolactin ovulation impossible. Its blood level should be the norm, deviation in any direction is a guarantee that getting pregnant is now impossible. For men, this hormone is also of great importance. If it’s too much, there is a risk of sexual dysfunction.

Progesterone is a critical hormone, which has at least two critical functions: participate in the final attachment of the hormone to the uterus and a successful pregnancy. Insufficient amount of it indicates the risk of infertility.

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Testosterone is considered the male hormone but in small quantities it is in the body of every woman. If the level of this hormone increases in the early stages of pregnancy, there is a risk of miscarriage. For men dangerous decrease its amount, in this case, it worsens the quality of sperm.

Follicle stimulating hormone responsible for the growth of eggs in women and sperm of men. The amount of FLG is raised, it is a symptom of the disease, reduced pregnancy symptom.

Estradiol has many functions in the female body. If the level is low, gonads not sufficiently effective.

The level of luteinizing hormone count in relation to FLG. If he is well enough to fulfill its function, the body does not produce progesterone, which has a key influence on pregnancy.

Delivery of analyzes on hormones is an important part of the treatment. But it should appoint only the doctor. Make an appointment here. The fact is that in every period of the menstrual cycle the hormone levels are changing. And if you are not a doctor and do not know how to behave hormones, it is better to trust the professional. Only he can assign the correct tests, which will start effective treatment.