Why we snore and what might be the consequences?

From snoring people often hear stories about how loud and interesting sounds they make during sleep. They are with humor and passion tells how the morning of close friends look at them with resentment and bitterness.

But they were not at fault, what to do? Direct fault, of course not. But if the snoring person is expensive the health of your family and his, that stop snoring need as quickly as possible.
The people earlier it was believed that the hero and snoring, respectively. But science proves the opposite: if a person makes these sounds that he has health problems.

What causes snoring different

If a person suffers from this disease, then you first need to do a thorough search for the cause. Better to start from the simple factors, by process of elimination getting to the root of the problem:

  • Clogged nose. It is the nose, the main respiratory organ, and if he is unable to perform his functions, the problems begin. Depending on what caused the congestion, you need to pick up the drugs. If you are more of the week treat nasal congestion, but it does not, contact your doctor.
  • The use of various relaxing substances. The list includes alcohol, sedatives and other substances that are too much relax the muscles of the nasopharynx.
  • A deviated septum that may be either congenital or acquired.
  • Relaxed muscles or anatomical features. Relaxation occurs for genetic or acquired reasons.

If the child started to snore, take him to the audiologist to diagnose tonsils. Often, their increase leads to such consequences.
If you see yourself or another person noticed the snoring only when sleeping on your back, do not worry. This happens for normal physiological reasons and in such cases, a person need only to change a posture of sleep.

The consequences

Snoring is a negative phenomenon not only for others but also for the snoring. Consequences can be divided into two categories:

  • Poor sleep quality and, consequently, fatigue, lack of mood and energy during waking hours.
  • Increased risk of stroke, heart attack, other diseases and death.
  • Person during sleep is trying to control the muscle tone and therefore often wakes up and is not included in the phase of deep sleep. Therefore, even if the duration of sleep he had to sleep the feelings far from it.
    When snoring produced vibration can damage the carotid arteries, contributes to plaque formation. After the occurrence of snoring patients usually are diagnosed with sleep apnea. This is a specific condition in which muscles are partially or fully close the airway for 10 or more seconds. This is the main threat. Scientists in the USA published statistics, which shows: 3 thousand people in the country die each year during sleep because of apnea.
    Remember, the advice of traditional healers will not help. The solution to the problem requires a comprehensive approach to treatment with a specialist. When purposeful actions disease can be beaten.

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