Healthy lifestyle

Without harm to health out of the post

Nearing Christmas Eve, Christmas and the end of the long post. During advent, those who fasted did not eat meat, cheese, milk, eggs and other animal products. Now the post is nearing an end and we can return to a normal diet. However, it should be done properly.

How fasting affects the internal organs

When you consume proteins and fats, the functioning of internal organs, as it slows down the operation of the kidneys, reduced production of gastric juice because the digestion of plant foods the body requires less effort, etc. If after a month of abstaining from “heavy” foods drastically start to use them, the load on the digestive organs and the liver and kidneys will increase twice.

The digestion products of protein origin, the body spends more energy and time from the moment of acceptance of such food to complete the digestion takes at least 6 hours. In the end, starting to take everything products after fasting, you can get in the hospital with an acute digestive disorder. If you have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (GI) tract – gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, etc., and you fasted, then exit post should be even more careful than completely healthy people.

What products to start Christmas Breakfast

Returning to protein products, nutritionists suggest to start with the eggs. Egg protein is most easily digested. You can add a bit of milk products of origin, but better low-fat yogurt or a slice of low fat cheese. By lunchtime, when your digestive system can handle eggs and kefir, want something more hearty. The best option is a fish, but certainly not fried, and steamed or baked in the oven in foil. Meat products the first day out of the post. If you are not stocked with fish, you can eat no more than 50-100 grams of chicken breast, again, not fried, but baked or boiled. Goose or duck in this case is not suitable for: meat of these birds digestive tract to digest the hardest.

How and when to begin to eat meat and sweet

Nutritionists recommend to start eating meat dishes on the second day of the end of the post. For this approach to meat dishes from chicken, rabbit or veal. Beef, lamb and pork is not recommended because it is non-greasy part in such meat products is quite difficult. As mentioned, please refrain in the first days of withdrawal from the post, the use of such as duck and goose. And to help the meat faster to digest will help the spices: you can sprinkle pepper, paprika, cumin, etc. meat before baking in the oven or to spice up ready-made meals.

Keep at hand the drug-containing enzymes: of course the medicines should be taken on prescription. But if you ate too much and felt pain in the stomach or right hypochondrium, heaviness in the abdomen, nausea, bloating, etc., then these drugs will help alleviate the digestion of food.The same applies to the return to eat foods with butter: don’t start with cakes, pies, sandwiches with butter. Add a little butter to the porridge, let the body to get used again to the animal fat.

Eat small portions and move

Returning to a normal diet, don’t watch what you eat, but how much. After overload the digestive tract can not only heavy food, but eating the same vegetables Il fruit. Overeating leads to disturbances in the secretion of gastric juice, this can aggravate existing gastrointestinal disease and the development of new.

Therefore, eat in small portions, divide a piece of fish or meat into 2-3 pieces and eat it throughout the day, combining your diet with other products. Important point to be physically active, regardless of your diet. Normal intestinal function, “thyroid”, bile flow, etc. is possible only during physical activity. So choose your activity for the forces of slow Hiking to bike rides, etc.