Woman and man: are we really different?

At the words “woman” and “man” our imagination draws a picture. Boys are taught from childhood to be courageous, to not complain and to understand that girls are weaker. Naturally, the average woman is physically weaker than the average male. But we know hundreds of examples when a fragile and delicate women, and in fact this is what gives them a Patriarchal society (like it or not – in a modern society dominated by men), handicap in business, science or medicine big men. And then the theory that a woman by nature stupid, crumbles to dust. At the same time we have more and more examples of when men can successfully cope with so-called “female” work – cooking or caring for children.

Gender roles and stereotypes: what is what?

Looking dozens of articles written by qualified psychologists, with a red line tracked to the following conclusion: gender differences exist. It is considered that men are superior to women in the coordination of movements, speed, orientation in space and on the ground, thinking. And women outnumber men in fine motor skills, speed of perception, memory, fluency, intuition. Men are more aggressive, motivated in achieving the goals, emotionally stable. And women have better developed social orientation, communication skills, compassion.

However, these differences depend not only on gender, but also by the biological, social, cultural, and ethnic factors. Increasingly we hear the word “gender equality” but not everyone understands what the gender. Gender is not physical, and so-called social “gender”, values and characteristics of male and female behavior, roles, way of thinking etc., is modeled by society. That is, due to gender attitudes, we have an Association and fixed ideas about women and men.

Scientists have proved that human ability does not depend on the gender

Popular science magazine Popular Science has questioned a number of research biologists and neuropsychiatric that male and female brains works differently. According to a specialist at the Pasteur Institute, Catherine Vidal referenced in Popular Science, the studies full of faulty assumptions and methodological errors, because exploring a limited group of people. And the answer to the main point at issue – what are the emerging differences of brain activity in men and women with biology or gender attitudes, in such studies no.

Specialist argues that the development or the development of certain abilities affect our behavior and not gender. That is, personal experience changes the structure of his brain. Catherine notes that differences between the brains of two separate women or two men can be more serious than men and women. This theory is confirmed, for example, female pilots and male seamstress.

It is important to be happy regardless of the gender

You can blissfully to argue about who is better what happens, but the main dispute is to find your balance, place in life, your favorite profession and to build relationships with partner/partner. Many men need to feel their importance, to be head of the family and bear the responsibility for the family, they want to see “classic” Bereginya and delicate creation. And for many women it is important that their man had such qualities.

If a woman is a social climber, and does well in the business, it is unlikely that it will make happy the prospect of becoming a mother of 5 children. And Vice versa – if a man loves to run the household, play with children, then require him to become a businessman – not a good idea. Over a happy and stable relationship it is important to work both partners, to respect the wishes and personal space of each other, motivated by love and mutual respect, not due to
society male and female roles.