Healthy lifestyle

World health day: what you need to know about a healthy way of life?

April 7 marks world health day, on this day in 1948 was established by the world health organization (who), which still remains the most authoritative organization in the field of medicine. Since 1950 all over the world began to celebrate health Day, which is supposed to remind humanity of theimportance of such concepts as a healthy lifestyle. 

Annually during the world health day around the world events that are held under a certain theme. In 2016 it was a struggle with diabetes, in 2017 – overcoming depression, and in 2018, the topic will be “Health for all”. This means that the who once again wants to emphasize how important is universal access to health services, to this and must seek the leadership of all countries of the world.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle

To stay healthy in the modern world, must adhere to the following fairly simple but very important rules:

  • Eat right. Food habits have a huge impact on human health. The food should be balanced, to saturate the body proteins, fats, carbohydrates to be moderately high in calories. It is better to cook steamed in the oven, boil, stew, but spicy, sour, fried food should be avoided.
  • Sports. We are not talking about professional sports, but about moderate, but regular physical activity, which is absolutely necessary for normal functioning of the body. It is not necessary to over exert yourself during workouts, but to give a moderate load to the muscles is necessary. Therefore, the recommended daily to do exercises, cardio machines, access to the pool, to run.
  • To avoid stress and strain, both physical and moral. Need to devote more time to personal life, try not to be exhausting at work. It is important to walk in the fresh air, take regular breaks at work, relaxation. Then the immune system will naturally strengthen, and the disease will retreat.
  • To abandon bad habits. Smoking, alcohol abuse and, especially, drugs, very negative impact on human health. Smoking is one of the main factors in the development of lung cancer, alcohol and drugs are very bad for the condition and functioning of the internal organs, the functioning of the nervous system, gradually destroying a person.
  • Controlled and reasonable, to use medications. Too much enthusiasm for drugs is one of the main problems of modern humanity. This is especially true of antibiotics, which leads to the development of resistance (resistance) to bacteria, which treatment may be ineffective when it really is needed. That’s why it’s so important not to self-medicate and do not abuse drugs unnecessarily.
  • To do all the necessary vaccinations. Vaccination is the best method of preventing many dangerous diseases that are difficult to treat and often lead to death of the patient. So you need to be mindful of timely vaccination and re-vaccination, both for themselves and for their children.

World health day is held every year, but to remember the importance of a healthy lifestyle should always be. After all, to adjust their habits is not so difficult, you only need to realize how much benefit this will bring. And even if health services will be available to all!