Worms: find and neutralize

Often people did not realize that he was attacked by “alien”. Initially, infestation (infected by worms) occurs without any symptoms and discomfort. To occupy the worms can and the intestines, gallbladder, and liver. It’s medically proven that running invasions lead to digestive disorders, nervous system, allergies, skin disease, alter metabolism, and even cause premature aging of the whole organism. Even the treatment of other diseases is difficult because of the worms.

As these invisible worms get into our body?

Ways are numerous: dirty hands, dirty money, dirty fruit, infected with worms of fish, meat, seafood, poorly washed vegetables, even with “their” garden, poor quality water, ubiquitous insects, especially those that carry the larvae of the parasite from the animals through blood. Even our Pets can be carriers of parasites. Basically, vulnerable children, people who travel often and consume untreated water and exotic foods, and those who have undermined the immune system, as it is a good immune system guards us against invasion and development of infestations.

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Diagnosis and treatment

Parasitic worms in the gastrointestinal tract, causing disruption of its work, nervousness, fatigue, weight loss. But these symptoms can manifest themselves quickly. There are the special signs of the presence of worms is perianal pruritus in children (often at night). If there is even a hint of infection by worms, hurry to the experts, you will do the analysis, but not alone, because the worms are more than 200 species.

One of the modern methods of diagnosis – histology coprology. It produces disease, and it will not allow it to become chronic. If the results upset you, urgently and in good faith carry out all the recommendations of doctors. You will be given the anthelmintic drug is for a certain type of worms. In addition, the doctor will prescribe enzymes, vitamins, hepatoprotectors, and tools that increase protective forces of an organism, as well as drugs that enhance the gallbladder and intestines. Treatment cycles carried out after the first should take a break of 6 to 8 weeks. As prevention and treatment you can use “antiparasitic Phytocomplex” complex “Phytoprotection parasitic diseases” of the company Olivia.

Folk remedies: pumpkin seeds, garlic and onions, of course, is not a panacea and does not replace medication, but can be useful as an additional means for struggle against disease and strengthening the immune system.

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If you defeated the enemy and don’t want repeat problems, don’t forget the simple rules:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water after visiting the shops, chatting with the animals.
  • Thoroughly wash vegetables, fruits, herbs, meat and fish buy in the stores or markets that offer veterinary control (marking on the carcass).
  • Observe the mode and duration of heat treatment of these products.
  • Do not drink water from ponds and open source, do not swim in stagnant ponds of dirty water.
  • Periodically a course of deworming pet cats and dogs.
  • And, most importantly, keep the house clean.